Solar Power Banks 5000mAh

- Product name: 5000mAh solar backup battery - Material: Silicone gel and ABS + PC material, surface rubber paint - Battery type: Li-Polymer - Capacity: 5000mAh - Input: 5V DC 1A Max - Output: DC 5V 2X1A - Size: 142 * 75 * 13.6 mm - Weight: 150g

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Solar Power BankSolar Power BankNote: According to safety regulations, products with the function of backup batteries will be transported by road, so the latest scheduled delivery time of these products is within 8-12 days. Work from the date of order.

You often encounter problems with lack of power for your phone or some other technology items on long trips. You need a phone that has enough battery power to work or play without finding a charging power. All of that energy shortage problem is easily solved, saving with Solar changer solar rechargeable battery. Solar backup battery charger has an impressive design with many great functions.

Solar Power Bank

For long-term trips and in the most stringent conditions of energy, the solar backup battery still has the ability to operate continuously and persistently, helping you to maintain your work and Your digital devices don't have to worry about running out of battery. Technology products are environmentally friendly, safe, economical and fast.

Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank

Solar Power Bank

Outstanding features
- Large capacity, durable
Polymer technology for capacities up to 5000mAh via 4W - 200mA solar panels. Constant charging is not afraid of running out of electricity.
Many fast, smart charging ways
Solar backup rechargeable batteries can charge energy easily by being exposed to the sun or under fluorescent lights.
In addition, the Solar Charger backup battery can also be charged by the normal method of charging by 220V current or connecting to the computer via USB port.
With 4 ways to charge on, the battery will have different filling time 3 hours for direct charging via socket, 6 hours when plugging in via USB connected to the computer, solar charging and fluorescent lamp Optical will have a full time depending on the light intensity that the light brings.
The ability to transfer power flow stably, fast charging time and the ability to automatically disconnect power when fully charged or when not connected to mobile devices not only saves you a lot of costs but also ensures Safe for your mobile devices.
Rechargeable battery with built-in smart LED, shows the power level in the battery, allowing you to determine the exact time needed to charge the device.
- Waterproof, dustproof, strong impact resistance
SC01 solar rechargeable battery made of special material makes it easy to bring any journey without worrying about the effects of weather, or colliding on the move.
- Compatible with many devices
Solar battery charger is compatible with most mobile devices such as smartphones, ipads, GPS devices, cameras, ...
Design 2 output charging ports (USB port), 5000mah solar battery for the ability to charge 2 different devices at the same time.
- Compact, handy
The weight is quite light and the design is small and the handle, the rechargeable battery with solar energy is easy to carry with you, the battery can be stored neatly in the trunk, does not occupy much area in the backpack or bag of friend. In particular, when you travel or picnic you can hang a rechargeable battery outside the backpack to absorb "free" energy very easily and quickly.

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